Breaking The Rules Of Time, Finding Black Hair At 65 Years Old!

Old age, gray hair seems to be an immutable law of time, but have you ever thought about breaking that rule to regain youth for your hair and for yourself? The answer lies in the very real life story of Mr. Boyet at 5xx Katarungan St. Commonwealth, Q.C at the age of 65 – It is strange if your hair still black!



Putting his hand gently on his flowing, stylish hair, Mr.Boyet could not hide his joy: “I can’t believe that at the age of sixty, I still retain the thick and black hair of the old days”.

Hearing him talk and seeing his hair with our own eyes, we had to nod our heads in recognition, both admiring and envious of us – young men in their early 30s whose hair had all fallen out. scattered silver hair. “What’s your secret to being so good?” we said in unison.

Mr. Boyet shared?

“It’s not all natural, I used to be like you, even more because my age is much older” – Mr. Boyet gently replied: “My hair turned gray very early, two-three I already had gray hair at the age of ten, but at that time, I only had a few strands scattered on my head, where it grew, I plucked it. Perhaps because he plucked too much, his hair became less and less, not only that, but his hair was white all over.

Boyet's hair used to be all white

Boyet’s hair used to be all white

My gray hair has grown even more, which makes me extremely sad. Every time I wash my hair or brush my hair, I lose a handful in my hand.

Although gray hair does not affect health, it is very unsightly. Anyone who is in a similar situation will understand, when going out on the street, they are always surrounded by eyes and whispers about themselves. There was a time when I had a psychological crisis, did not dare to go out on the street, so I had to take a month off work at home.

Everything To Get Black Hair

My hair is 70% gray and I can’t pull it out forever, so I have to dye it. This method is really effective, just 2 hours to the salon, the hair is black again.
But unfortunately, I have to go to the hairline once every fortnight.

The frequency of dyeing too much caused damage to the scalp, from then on, the hair fell out a lot, with one stroke, it was full of fingers, anyone who encountered this situation could understand how I felt at that time. When I heard someone told me to drink anything, I bought everything I said because I was so scared, there was no way. If I’m lucky enough to find a method, or maybe it will help a bit, so I’ll just keep my hopes up.

Use natural remedies but not effective

Use natural remedies but not effective

“The more hopes, the more disappointments. I use all kinds of different functional foods, listen to the ads, it’s great, but then it only costs money, some buy 5000PHP but still nothing. Called back to ask questions, they said it was due to each person’s location. Now I have lost faith in China goods.”

Not only that, I have researched and bought many kinds of leaves such as locust, grapefruit peel, mint, … to wash my hair. Even drinking black beans, but it didn’t work. Gray hair is still the same, still white all over the top of the head. I feel very depressed because I have tried everything I know but it still doesn’t work.

Luck When Finding A Hair Health Back

Blacken hair after 15 minutes of Wakai whitening makes me surprised.

“Washing WAKAI for the first time after 15 minutes, my hair was black and smooth again. I only wash it once, but my hair is black for a month. Hair is strong, no longer broken, no longer white dandruff like before. Many people wonder, is it after washing, does the young hair grow back white? Please tell everyone that young hair grows black, smooth and evenly.

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Hear from Ms. Sarah about black rice and ginseng Wakai products

I’m very happy, the staff at my company also asked to try it, and then people just passed it on to each other, in the end everyone in my company knew about WAKAI and bought it and used it a lot.”

Seeing such good results, I thought I had found the right method, I asked my son, WAKAI not only has black hair, but also has a brown coating that is very suitable for his wife, so I told him to buy it immediately for his mother to use. My wife likes brown hair very much.

Wakai Black Hair Shampoo

I only have to wash WAKAI once a month, so I use it for a whole year to finish 1 box. As for the wife, she washes more – women – it takes half a year to get exactly the same box. It costs less than 150PHP to blacken my hair every month. It is safe, effective and economical.

I myself have used many different products on the internet, including functional foods, expensive chemicals, but not much but did not improve anything, sometimes causing harm to the body. Only WAKAI Japanese shampoo is effective. And it doesn’t have to be individual or suitable for use. Because I’ve seen everyone at my company use it, it’s all effective.

Picture of Boyet's hair before and after using WAKAI

Picture of Boyet’s hair before and after using WAKAI

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What Is Special With Wakai Hair Dying Shampoo?

Wakai Shampoo with Lazy Comb

Inheriting the quintessence of traditional Japanese medicine Kampo, expert Takachi and his colleagues have successfully researched wakai products – the perfect combination of ingredients Panax ginseng, Fallopia multiflora, Ganoderma, Vigna unguiculata subsp, Cylindrica,… with modern preparation technology of Japan helps to retain a high content of essence that penetrates deep into the scalp to nourish and blacken hair after only 15 minutes of washing.

This is the official website of WAKAI’s exclusive distribution in the Philippines. A WAKAI BOX is currently priced at 1699PHP.

To find out more about product information, to avoid buying fake or fake goods, please order directly at this website or leave your phone number for free consultation support, purchase at the right price and commitment to quality. Good product quality for customers.

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